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Entrance, Exit terminal & Gate Barrier

Camera screen Laser chest chest chest chest chest chest chest chest chest chest Mapa de imágenes. Pulsa en cada una de los círculos.

24/7 Live Support

Unlike any other payment station, Perfect Pay offers LIVE two-way chat support with video/audio/microphone for motorists, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Customizable Touchscreen Station

Featuring a 17-inch capacitive touchscreen with Zytronic, 4mm, protective, anti-vandalism glass, making this unit low-maintenance and incredibly durable. Perfect Pay can be loaded with images and verbiage that communicate your brand to your motorists.


Reliable Credit Card Payment

The Magtek IntelliStripe® 65 reads magnetic stripe and smart cards.


Engineered Validation:

Honeywell’s Genesis™ 7580g offers a durable presentation area-imaging scanner engineered to decode all standard 1D, PDF and 2D codes, while providing enhanced productivity and revolutionary imaging technology.


Optimized Printing:

Engineered with the Zebra® TTP 2130TM kiosk ticket printer, this component is optimized for tough printing environments where durability, reliability, minimal maintenance and ease of use are critical.


Secure and Connected

Featuring the Alarm It SA-1500 Stand Alone Alarm and Verizon’s Jetpack® MiFi® 6620L.


Our barriers system are going green

The new drive offer 75% less power consumption to comparable products and features a maintenance-free drive unit that offer 100% more torque.


Modern design for modern car parks

The fast opening times in combination with high reliability and comprehensive accessories make these models the ideal parking solution.



1.3 Second Open and Close Speeds and the best operation in the most severe weather conditions. Perfect of use in heavily frequented systems.


Maximum safety

All MicroDrive barriers are equipped with boom edge protection to minimize the risk of injury to vehicles.


Access applications for industry surroundings

For usage with great lane widths up to 10m with or without boom skirt (optional) – including extremely low power consumption, modern design and highest safety