All the features your customers demand.

Zero time wasted at the parking lot.

Smart Gate System

Terminal scans purchased tickets directly from smart-phones. Prints ticket with directions to the exact spot.
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Intuitive Software

Fully customizable and adaptable front end software. SureSpot will complete any parking facility!
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A Safe Environment

Controlled time access with unparalleled spot availability, verification and monitoring system.
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Tickets with an Extra

Advertising and coupon space available on every ticket. Smart Cards also available.
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Real Time Support

24/7, SureSpot Support Center is at your fingertips, helping you troubleshoot any issues with hardware or software.
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Remember that...

Less time on the parking lot equals more time for shopping. More time for shopping equals more income for your business!

SureSpot will complete a wide range of businesses.

These are just some of the possibilities.

Shopping & Dining

Sports & Entertainment


Medical Centers


Commercial Parking Lots

SureSpot is led by a seasoned team of professionals.

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Our Team

Our business model is very simple.

We make all the investments and you get cash!


Step 1

Owner locates a SureSpot sales agent in one of all major cities across the US.


Step 2

Owner visits a SureSpot showroom.


Step 3

Owner receives a free SureSpot model demonstration.


Step 4

Company requests SureSpot to be installed in any or all of its parking lots.


Step 5

SureSpot is set up for free in 45 to 60 days!

No Maintenance Fee! No Installation Fee!

SureSpot does all the work for you!